Camp Fire Afterschool

Liberty Elementary & Toccoa Elementary,

End of the school day until 6:00 pm


The 2021-2022 Afterschool Enrollment Form must be completed and returned to the Camp Fire Office, via email to by the Friday before your child will start, along with the online registration. Your child can not start without the written paperwork! If you would like to drop it off at Camp Fire Camp Toccoa please let us know you’re coming in advance (706) 886-2457.


About Camp Fire After-school

Camp Fire After-school takes place at your child’s school!   At Camp Fire it’s more than just activities and play; all programs are outcome based. With a safe and supportive environment, children can fully engage in activities, are provided with leadership opportunities and are supported in lifting their voice. Youth are encouraged to explore their natural sense of curiosity and find their own sparks.

What to Expect

Students and parents should expect fun, excitement and learning!  Programs are located in the elementary school where the participants are enrolled, creating consistency for the children and easing the burden of transportation for parents.  Camp Fire after-school helps families and keeps kids safe while offering the them homework help, a snack, physical activities and enrichment.

Tuition and Membership Fees:   

  • A $10 membership fee per child is charged at the time of registration.
  • Weekly tuition of $40 is automatically withdrawn from you account each Thursday for the following week.
  • When registering if you select a Monday start date you will be charged $40, plus the membership fee. On Thursday, of the week the child starts $40 will be automatically be withdrawn for the following week.
  • If you select a start date of Tuesday-Friday, you will be charged $8 per day left in the week plus an additional $40 for the following week. Auto withdraw payments will start on Thursday of the first full week the child attends.

Missed and Late Payments: $40 per week is charged regardless of how many days the child attended within a week.   If tuition is not paid by Monday of the current week, your child may not be able to return until the balance is paid in full.

Homework Help

The opportunity is given for children to work on homework during after-school. Though we make every effort to ensure completeness and accuracy of homework, we ask that parents/guardians follow-up with their child to make certain homework has been completed and is accurate.  

At Camp Fire after-school it is important that there is a collaborative relationship between parents/guardians, students and after-school staff so, we will work with each family to make homework time as productive as possible.


There will be no Camp Fire After-school on holidays, snow days, or days when school is dismissed due to inclement weather. If Stephens County cancels after-school programs, such as sports and clubs,  that will include Camp Fire After-school. Camp Fire will not host afterschool on Early Release Days.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to pick up the child from school.

In the event of a school cancellation $8 per day will be credited to the next week’s tuition.

Parent Handbook

Please be sure to review the parent handbook for attendance policies, behavior plans, refund and more.

If you have questions please reach out to or you may choose to call the office at (706) 886-2457.

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