Welcome to Camp Fire Georgia!

WE’RE HIRING a new CEO! Camp Fire Georgia seeks an innovative leader who is a self-starter. The Georgia Council will hire someone dedicated to moving the Council forward. The ideal candidate will have the drive to strengthen and grow the Council’s programs and outreach across the state. The CEO is responsible for the effective business and revenue generation plans that support the achievement of Camp Fire’s strategic direction: to deepen our impact and reach measurably more youth and families with quality Camp Fire experiences. The full job description is available here.


Camp Fire Georgia is a youth development organization that engages youth through our summer camps, out of school time programs, teen leadership opportunities, and community events.

Helping young people become who they want to be takes time and encouragement. It takes paying attention to what sparks a passion. At Camp Fire, that’s what we do. We help youth discover the exceptional people they are, now!

Youth are encouraged to explore their natural sense of curiosity and find their own sparks. Our work with young people is tailored to each individual, guiding them to be their best, a “best” they define themselves. Camp Fire adults are passionate role models and champions of children. The uniqueness of all young people and their families is embraced. Every child—no matter what that child looks like or believes—is celebrated every day.  No exceptions.

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